Sueño Canastas and Totes

Fabulous Fall Multi ~ Available in all sizes
XL ~$60, Large ~ $50, Small ~ $40
Add a 9” clutch with leather wristlet in all colors or Fabulous Fall multi for $25

These canastas (baskets) and totes are handwoven in our small village in Guatemala. Chris and I created this project to give work to the teenagers and women in this village who struggle to find jobs to provide for their families.  Jobs are scarce in Guatemala and often temporary.  Your purchase of a Sueño tote will greatly impact the lives of the artisan and their families.  You are not only giving them work and helping them provide necessities for their family, but you will also be giving them the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

These canastas are made from recycled plastic thread.  They are durable, easy to clean with soap and water and environmentally friendly. And they look great!!

You will love using your canasta at the market, grocery store, as a beach bag or simply as a tote to carry items to work or play!

Our newest item is this beautiful and versatile 9″ clutch with leather wristlet. It comes in all of your favorite colors or color combinations. Truly the possibilities are endless! The clutch is lined with a zipper closure. It has a leather wristlet that is attached with a lobster claw so you can carry as a wristlet or remove the leather wristlet and carry as a clutch. This clutch is my favorite and is so versatile. If you to just carry your phone, credit card and a lipstick when you are on the go, then this will be your favorite! And with a price of $25 for these beauties, you will surely want a couple of colors!

These wristlets are made by three different artisans. One weaves the plastic thread, the second sews the liner and hand stitches it to the clutch and the thirst makes the leather wristlet.

Currently we have 3 sizes of totes. Our small tote is 9 1/2” h x 10” wide x 5” deep. This canasta is $30. Plus $3 for shipping

The large totes are approximately 11” h x 12″ wide x 6 1/4 deep and we have an XL tote that is 15″h x 15″wide x 5″ deep. The large tote is $40. Plus $3 for shipping. The XL is $45 plus $3 shipping.

The center of these canastas are called the belt. We can weave many color variations with this type of canasta.

We also have large without the belt. We can also do different colors as in the ones below




*If you would like to order a canasta, please click here. Just leave us your order with colors and sizes. You will receive an email back that day once you place your order.


After you place your order, you will receive an email with a total and link to the “support/purchase canasta” page on this website or you can click here, which will take you to “support/purchase canasta” page. You can pay by check or credit card. If you have any questions, please email us at

Maroon and Gray/ Maroon and white/ Maroon ~ Gray and melon/ Melon ~ Brown and white/ Brown

Yellow – Orange – Navy blue – Red – Royal Blue – Grey – Brown – All with white

The other styles we have are weaved with a design or without. They are approximately 11” h x 6 1/4 deep x 12” wide. This style is $35 each plus $3 for shipping.


*please note sizes may vary slightly due to variations in the thickness of the thread.

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Navy white and gray ~ Navy and gray ~~~~ Peach and aqua

Gray and white ~ Teal and aqua ~ Purple and Lila ~ Green and Teal ~ Royal blue and white