God Is In It All

Chris and I had the awesome privilege of leading an amazing mission team last week. God showed up in such amazing ways all week. I have so much to share but I want to share what he did even before the week started! 

Earlier in the week while everyone was packing and preparing for the trip, I sent out an email sharing that God had done some really sweet, intimate things for me. God uses these so powerfully in our lives to let us know He is with us, He hears our voices and He hears our hearts. 

There were two things that I didn’t do that I wanted to do while in the states…one was run to Ollie’s and get a new journal and the other was make pecan pralines. 

On the day that Chris and I were to leave for Guatemala our flight from Roanoke was cancelled and we had to spend the night in Roanoke. As we were pulling into the hotel parking lot, what was right next door to the hotel entrance?…Ollie’s! I told Chris, “Look, God didn’t want me to leave without my journal!” 

The next day we left Roanoke and arrived in Atlanta. Our gate was next to a Delta customer service and Chris needed to talk to them so I stood on the side waiting. While waiting I looked around and right next to us was a candy store. I walked in and saw a sign that said “Ask to sample our pecan pralines “! My heart was so filled with joy as I thanked my Lord for this precious gift! Not because of pralines but because we serve such an amazing God that loves us so sweetly! That we are known and loved by the sovereign God of the universe that is over all but is also in the smallest and most intimate parts of our lives! 

These moments always give me peace that I am, in that moment, exactly where God wants me to be! And I am thankful for all he does to orchestrate them for us!

This is a portion of the email I wrote to the group..

As we were traveling back this week God did a couple really sweet things for me to remind me that he hears me and that he is with me! Since I surrendered my life to the Lord 16 years ago I have absolutely been overwhelmed by the little things that God does to let us know he is with us! I am sure this is your story too!! 

It is these little things that have grown my faith in the Lord and conquered so much of my fear because it shows us that He is always with us! We never walk in obedience alone! It’s the little, intimate things that only he can do that gives our hearts total rest and peace that He is with us, that he hears us and that we are right where he wants us to be. It’s almost like you are walking the path of life that God has for you and you see so many other ways to go but then you look down and find a piece of popcorn that He dropped for you to mark your path. It is the greatest joy!

(Disclaimer: The Bible does not say God marks your path with popcorn..haha!)

I know He is with each us as we prepare to serve him here in Guatemala. I know He has and is going to show up in both big and small ways to show you that He has gone before you to prepare the way! Look out for it! 

I will share my story with you next week during devotion time and I want to hear your story too! What is God doing to bless your obedience to go? It may be little things that speak intimately to your heart or it may be big things and how he has provided! Pay special attention to the little things. Sometimes they speak the loudest to our hearts! 

And if any of you find a piece of popcorn… pick it up!!

Love you guys and praying for each of you!


“The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8

Several emailed me back and said they would be looking for popcorn! 

On Friday, everyone began arriving from 6 different flights and the day was filled with so much excitement and great expectation for the week ahead! This trip is always like a family reunion. Many of the team members have been serving with us for 4- 10 years but life has moved us all around to different states and cities! We also have our first timers and we can’t wait to share and serve the Lord with them!

We were all looking forward to eating a great buffet at the hotel restaurant and then we found out the restaurant was closed for renovations so we went to the other restaurant in the hotel. 

It is almost impossible to describe the feeling I had when I walked into that restaurant and there were bowls of popcorn on the table and the team was eating handfuls of popcorn! Psalms says it best! 

“You lead me in the path of life; I experience absolute joy in your presence; you always give me sheer delight.” Psalms 16:11 

Pure Delight! I stopped in my tracks…and the image is in my heart forever! 

I was thinking someone might find a piece of popcorn in their path as they traveled but God in all His abundance gave us an overflowing of all you can eat popcorn…. Just like His goodness and His grace…abundant and overflowing! 

I knew this week would be something special and we would see God’s grace and love poured out…And we did…

To be continued…;)