Hurricane Fund Update

I wanted to take a moment to update you all on the progress here on the ground in Guatemala. It has been a crazy busy few days! The families have moved to Rosario, which is about 10 minutes from Hope of Life International. HOL, ladies from Llano Verde, groups from around Guatemala and Passion 4 Guatemala have been providing these families with their meals, clothing and water. It has been such a blessing to see everyone come together to bring these families what they need. 

Foods bags were given out yesterday to families that are living with other families or renting rooms. The others will be taken to Rosario so the families will have food there and the mothers will begin to cook for themselves. The moms are looking forward to this! Yesterday morning we did some excavating around the leather shop to see what we could find. The team is hoping to make bracelets out of the leather to sell to help raise money to rebuild! We were able to recover some backpacks and leather. 

We found a huge pipe that has running water from the village and we cleaned everything up! It was a blessing for all of us to get together and work together to accomplish this yesterday! 

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening, laughter could be heard everywhere at the school in Rosario! It was such a sweet sound of God restoring joy and hope to these families. We know the road ahead will be challenging but we know God is holding each precious life in his hand. He is the giver of peace and joy and hope! Plans are already moving forward to rebuild and we hope to announce soon where that will happen. Thank you so much to everyone that has been giving so generously! If you haven’t given, would you please consider help