Hurricane Fund Update

Thank you so much to everyone that has been messaging us your prayers and concern for everyone here. It has been overwhelming to say the least! Walking through the village is incredibly heartbreaking and no video or picture can capture the devastation…5 homes from Hope of Life village were washed completely away! Most are filled with nothing more than sand and debris from the river. These families only have what they carried out that night and a few things some families could salvage. They have no clothes or shoes except what they had on their back that night or carried in a bag. 

The river receded by the next morning and left a totally new landscape in its path. The rivers path now runs through the road leading to Hope of Life International. The river left 5 feet of sand and sediment in some places and carved a 20 foot ravine through the middle of the village. 

The families went back to see what they could salvage but it was very little. They are now living in Pata Galana, Llano Verde and with family and friends throughout the community. They are devastated and scared and the uncertainty of their future has them feeling even more uncertain of what to do. 

The one thing we keep hearing from the families is “please don’t forget us!” They are so afraid of being forgotten! They are afraid to use any money to rent because they are afraid they will be forgotten and the money will run out and they will be homeless. One mom asked if her children would be able to finish school..would we still give them scholarships because she wants her family to be educated. 

One of the fathers found a place for his family but they can not continue to live there for an extended period because of COVID and the lack of work here. And now the flooding has cut all access to here from the east and west. The bridge in Gualan is washed away as is the bridge here at HOL. 

He asked us if they did this would we forget them! It broke my heart! We assured him that wouldn’t happen. We told him how it blessed us to see him do what is best for his family. And that they are our family, we love them and we will continue to do all we can for them. 

They are mourning all that was lost (security, safety, neighbors)and they are seeking answers to ease their concerns. And at the same time they are hopeful! They are praising God that their lives were spared and they have each other! They know God is with them and that their lives have value! They see the destruction but they also see the miracle that God saved each life! 

They are not forgotten! By God or us!

No matter where they go or what the future holds, We will not forget them! Passion 4 Guatemala and Hope of Life International has already started receiving many donations to help these families! We will rebuild but the reality is that they need help now! Would you please consider giving?