Sueño Canastas and Totes

Our passion is empowering people

Our passion is to encourage our artisans to have dreams, goals and hope for a better and brighter future, equipping them to realize those dreams, all while creating a beautiful product that empowers them in the present!

These canastas (baskets) and totes are handwoven in Hope of Life village in Guatemala. Chris and I created this project to give work to the young adults and women in the village who struggle to find jobs to provide for their families. Jobs are scarce in Guatemala and often temporary. Your purchase of a Sueño tote will greatly impact the lives of the artisan and their families. You are not only giving them work and helping them provide necessities for their family, but you will also be giving them the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

These canastas are made from recycled plastic thread. They are durable, easy to clean with soap and water and environmentally friendly. And they look great!!

You will love using your canasta at the market, grocery store, as a beach bag or simply as a tote to carry items to work or play!


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The artisans have learned so much from this project! They are reliable and hardworking and go above and beyond to get the job done. They have learned to work together, to help each other and they have learned how the quality of their work, not only directly effects their livelihood, but also effects their coworkers livelihood and the ability of the project to grow and prosper.

They have learned to be independent and experience the joy of being able to provide for their families.

This project has given them the opportunity to go back to school. One of our young ladies that had only completed the first grade when she was a child, has now graduated from the 6th grade. She plans to continue her education until she graduates from high school. Two more of our artisans are studying at this time as well.

It has been a blessing for us to witness the growth of this project and God's faithfulness to provide for his people. It has been a blessing to see their faith in God continue to grow as they witness His hand moving in this project and their lives.

This project does not just benefit the artisans but all net income from the sale of these canastas go back into Passion 4 Guatemala, Inc. We use these proceeds to provide, food, water, shoes, clothing, school supplies, medical care, and scholarships. This project also helps us to sustain our ministry in Guatemala.

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We Believe, Together With The Leading Of The Holy Spirit And Donors Like You, That We Can Change The Lives Of These Families And Alleviate Their Poverty While Raising Up World Changes For The Glory Of God!