Our Scholarships Provide Higher Education And Hope For The Future!

Here in Guatemala education is free only through the sixth grade and after that the families must pay tuition for their children‘s education. Most children do not continue in school, leaving them with little hope for their future. Many try to find jobs in a country where good jobs are scarce and menial, barely paying enough to put food on the table. 

Meet Karla

Karla is a beautiful and intelligent young lady. Her dream is to graduate from high school and break the cycle of poverty in her family. Because of this scholarship program, Karla has the opportunity to study and make her dreams a reality. She is now in the 10th grade and is in the top of her class. Her average for last quarter was 100! She received a perfect grade!

When we first met Karla in 2010, she lived in the village with her mom and her younger sister, Lidia, who is now in the 7th and also receives a scholarship. Although their life was very difficult and they lived in extreme poverty, Karla was always a happy and sweet little girl. A couple years after moving to Hope of Life village, Karla’s mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer and she died a short time later. Karla and her sister were taken to an orphanage but would eventually move back to the village to live with her brother and his wife.

Karla loves the Lord and serves Jesus as a leader in our youth group and teaches in our children’s Sunday school class. She loves to share the gospel with others. We know that God has great plans for her life and we are so thankful for how God is using Passion 4 Guatemala to bring her hope for a better future! 

Give The Gift Of Education

God opened our eyes to this need for education for children just like Karla. Children that excelled academically and dreamed of the opportunity to continue in school.

Passion 4 Guatemala provides that opportunity for these children. This year we have 43 children receiving a scholarship to continue their education at Liberty middle and high school here in Guatemala. There are also 7 students who were unable to study when they were school age continuing their education on weekends and we have 8 receiving a University scholarship.

This is an amazing opportunity for these children to break the cycle of poverty in their families!

Thank you for joining us in this mission! You are changing lives, families, communities and a culture!

Please join us in this important mission to give the gift of education! Donate or sponsor a scholarship today!

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Each scholarship is $1,200 and gives the child everything they need to be successful in there studies. This includes uniforms, school shoes, gym uniform and tennis shoes, school supplies, access to education center with computers and internet, as well as, a tutor

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We Believe, Together With The Leading Of The Holy Spirit And Donors Like You, That We Can Change The Lives Of These Families And Alleviate Their Poverty While Raising Up World Changes For The Glory Of God!