Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to greatly impact a child’s life!

For just $30 a month, you can help provide medical care, dental care, shoes, school supplies & basic needs for a child. This program also provides an education center along with a tutor for the children so that they have every opportunity to be successful in their studies. Passion 4 Guatemala also provides the opportunity for higher education through Education Scholarships.

What to Expect

Sponsors have a unique opportunity to share the love of Christ through developing a special bond with their sponsored child. Our program provides for the child and sponsor to develop a relationship through letters and photos.

You will receive two letters a year and an annual personal photo so you can watch your child grow. You will also have the opportunity to visit your child if you choose to join us on a mission trip.

*For greater details on impacting a child’s life through sponsorship, please contact us through our contact page or email us at 

"And he took a child and put him in the midst of them, and taking him in his arms, he said to them, 'Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.'" Mark 9:36-37

Your child loves to receive letters, photos, packages and even birthday cakes!

Send care packages to:

Hope of Life International

125 Sockanosset Cross
Suite B

Cranston, RI 02920

Please include in the package: 

– Your child’s name, 

– Sponsorship number,
– And c/o Chris McNutt.

Send letters, cards, and photos to:

Passion 4 Guatemala
798 Abbit Branch Rd
Appomattox VA 24522

Each child in our sponsorship program receives a cake on their birthday. When we first began serving in Guatemala, we realized that many of the children did not even know their birth date. They had never celebrated their birthday.

We wanted them to know that the day they were born is very important to us and to God and that God made them for a purpose.

They LOVE to get their cakes!!!
 And we will send you a picture of 
your child receiving their cake!

If you would like give your 
child a birthday cake please 
email us:

Or follow the link below:
Cakes are $20

Child sponsorship is not for everyone.

If you would like to support the purpose of this program without sponsoring a specific child, click the link below.

Part of your sponsorship payment goes to pay the salary of our social worker. Liggia is truly the glue of our community and is a blessing in helping us pull all of the working parts of our ministry together. Let me introduce you to Liggia: Liggia was truly a Godsend and God’s timing for her to come to the village was perfect! She has served our community with such grace and love. She is a tremendously blessing.

Meet Liggia

My name is Liggia María Arévalo. Since my childhood I felt a special call to study Social Work. As part of my professional training, I had to do an internship in a community. 
The university assigned me to Hope of Life International. This practice started in January 2020 but due to the pandemic I had to return home to continue my internship virtually.

In November 2020, I was hired to work with Chris and Paula, working with the families in the Hope of Life Village through Passion 4 Guatemala. 
Just 2 days after starting work, the destruction of the village by hurricane Eta occurred.
 As a Social Worker, my work with the community quickly began by supporting the families affected by hurricane Eta. My role was to assist the families in their daily functions as they lived in the temporary shelter. I also helped coordinate support through many Guatemalan families, churches, organizations and businesses to help improve the conditions of each family caused by the tragedy.

Since that date I have been working to meet the needs of the 
Families. Home visits have been made to find out their situation in 
the economic, educational and social spheres. In addition to this, 
medical needs, dental consultations and acquisition of 
medicines have also been met as needed. I have also assisted in 
issues related to mental health through psychological and 
psychiatric sessions and workshops focused on family roles. I have 
also given classes on dental and physical hygiene to these families.

It has been a blessing to work with Chris and Paula at Passion 4 Guatemala and be a part of all God is doing here in the New Hope Village! Thank you for joining us in transforming lives

Join us in making an impact

We Believe, Together With The Leading Of The Holy Spirit And Donors Like You, That We Can Change The Lives Of These Families And Alleviate Their Poverty While Raising Up World Changes For The Glory Of God!

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